Login or password problems?

How do I change my password?

To reset your password, click on 'login' at the top right of our homepage and enter your email address in the 'Forgot password?' box.  Then follow the instructions in the email to reset your password.




Not received a password reset email?

If you have requested a password reset and not yet received an email from us, check the following:

  • Was the email address you gave spelt correctly?  If not try again
  • Have you checked your junk or spam folder?
  • Did you use the correct email address? 

If you see a red error message, try the following:

  • Enter a personal email address 
  • Try an older version of your email address.  For example
    • @gmail.com addresses may have been registered as @googlemail.com
    • NHS email addresses might have been changed since you registered (e.g. from a PCT address to an @NHS.net address)
  • Has your name changed?  If you've gotten married and changed your name, we might still have you registered under your old name.
  • If none of the above works, please try the following:
    1 - open up an email from Health Service Discounts
    2 - scroll to the very bottom of the email and click on 'unsubscribe'
    3 - Don't unsubscribe. Copy and paste the email address we've auto-populated into the email address text box into the 'Forgotten your password?' box as before. 

Received a reminder but the link doesn't work?

Some email providers block the link in our password reset email.  If you are unable to click the green button when you receive it, copy the entire web address (the two lines in blue) into your web browsers address bar. 


Still can't login?

If you are unable to login or if you're having problems with our website, try using a different web browser, or a different device.  If you are using an NHS computer, it might help to use a personal computer or smartphone.  It may also help to clear your web browser's temporary files (note that this may remove stored passwords etc). 

  • Internet Explorer:  ‘Tools --> Internet Options --> Delete Temporary Files’
  • Firefox: 'Firefox --> History --> Clear Recent History'
  • Google Chrome: 'Menu --> Tools --> Clear Browsing Data'
  • Opera: 'Opera --> More Tools --> Clear Browsing Data'
  • This process may vary depending on your browser version and if you are using a desktop, tablet or mobile.

Once you have deleted the files try logging in again.  If you experience problems after trying the above, please contact us.



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